Zieba & Partners is a new Polish law firm made up of a highly experienced team of business-orientated lawyers and tax experts with backgrounds in both international and leading independent law firms. Our growing firm currently consists of just over 40 lawyers and tax experts specialising in a number of key practice areas and industry sectors including:

About Us

Our Principals

Law firms tend to make a number of promises and follow a similar rhetoric. We believe in making our promises a reality. We truly believe in providing a different service to our clients, and in transforming legal services in a fast changing world. Our firm is built on the following fundamental qualities:

Bridging business and law

We serve businesses, and to serve our clients to the best of our abilities, we need to know and understand how your company operates. A lawyer that sits behind a desk in a closed room is not likely to understand your business and more importantly, not know how they can serve you best. The better we know you, the better we serve you. We encourage our lawyers to embrace your business by, for example, visiting the factory floor and understanding processes, or by visiting the project location to identify and see risks first-hand.

Challenging norms

Our objective is to redefine legal services both in Poland and internationally. We question traditions and normal conventions, and seek to find solutions that are ‘out-of-the-box’. Our lawyers and business support teams have a highly regarded track record in innovation, and have been singled out by the Financial Times in its Innovative Lawyers annual ranking of law firms.

Services beyond legal

In recent years there has been substantial growth in client demand with respect to helping businesses solve their wider demands. We consult with respect to business matching, transaction structuring, managing risk and reputation.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are integral to both our internal and external culture. The legal business is a business made of people, and based on relationships. Diverse relationships lay at the heart of our firm.

Attention to detail

We believe in having a thorough, accurate and meticulous approach to our advice. Precision and accuracy are paramount to the work products produced by our firm.

No job too small

Whilst we have a reputation of advising on large multi-million or even multi-billion deals, we give the same level of attention to smaller matters, and treat these with the same level of importance.

A Polish law firm with global relationships

Many of our clients have roots in Poland, but are global businesses that face international challenges. We support our clients’ operations worldwide. Where necessary, we can call upon our international network of best-in-class contacts. These contacts are selected on the basis of sharing similar values to our firm, as well as being specialists in the sectors and practice areas that we also focus on.