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Company Law

We provide a full range of services related to the lifecycle of companies, from the establishment of a company, through providing ongoing legal service, financing, merger and acquisition projects, joint ventures, restructuring activities, to its sale or liquidation.

Company law issues of varying complexity arise for all of our clients practically on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide our clients with the comfort necessary to run their business by saving time on the client’s side, ensuring effective internal procedures, compliance with the law and other regulations, creating the conditions for making difficult decisions efficiently under the conditions of legal comfort.

We adapt company’s articles of association to the reality in which the Client operates, we prepare regulations, model resolutions and internal policies. We also represent companies, partners and members of governing bodies in difficult issues related to conflicts and ownership disputes.


We respond to Clients’ needs. Our corporate law team has broad qualifications, experience and passion to their work. Our experts in the field of company and civil law are at your disposal at every stage of the project. Before the commencement of the transaction, we prepare the client for its start, prepare a schedule of activities, help to select other advisors and create an optimal and effective project team on the client’s side. We manage the transaction proactively, at the same time conducting the project in accordance with the Client’s business decisions and the highest standards of project management. After the transaction is completed, we support the client in post-trade and integration activities, which are often another big challenge.

Services provided. We provide full range of services in the sale of shares and stocks, as well as individual assets, including companies or their organized parts. We work for both buyers and sellers. We represent companies, partners, management and supervisory staff. We prepare purchase agreements, Shareholders agreements, investment agreements, management programs and other required transaction documentation. We carry out due diligence for the seller, buyer, and also due diligence for insurers.

Our strengths. Our leaders are known for their expertise in managing high profile, complex deals quickly and efficiently. What sets us apart is our ability to use this experience to identify the issues that can affect deal value, to understand them and to implement decisive solutions, so that your deal continues unaffected.

Depending on the type of project, from the purchase of a SPV to the largest cross-border transactions, we select a team of lawyers corresponding to your needs, thanks to which we are able to effectively manage every project.

Our clients include private companies, public companies, including those controlled by the State Treasury, private equity and venture capital funds, executives and private entrepreneurs, as well as W&I insurers. We treat each client with respect and care for their interests.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our Private Equity & Venture Capital team advises on a range of venture capital, private equity and corporate venturing transactions.

We advise on all aspects throughout the funding lifecycle of a company, from early-stage investments, subsequent funding rounds, bridge financing, venture debt and equity reorganisation, as well as exits via trade sales, management buyouts, asset dispositions or IPOs.

We are active in the private equity market, whether advising equity investors, management, target, or debt providers. Our practice covers not only domestic buyouts and buy-ins but also has considerable expertise advising on both Polish and international transactions.

Our Private Equity & Venture Capital team works closely with other practices, in particular, our industry sector experts as well as our Tax team.