Jagoda Michalska


Jagoda Michalska is a student at the Law Faculty of Leon Kozminski University in Warsaw. In her school years she was socially active, was the President of the Youth Council of Bydgoszcz and participated in the creation of the “Education Development Strategy for 2013-2020 in Bydgoszcz.” She was awarded a prize by the president of Bydgoszcz for her contribution to the city’s winning for the second time of the “local government” award. She passed the international Secondary School Certificate and has been certified DSD II by DAAD Detscher Akademischer.

Jagoda’s first professional experience was gained at a private investment fund. Since then she has managed a crowdfunding investment platform. She is also an expert on Poland’s oldest and largest employers organization, Employers of the Republic of Poland.

Now working at our office, she participates in the work of our real estate practice.


Polish, English, German


The Faculty of Law at Leon Kozminski University in Warsaw